Mission Statement: The United States Postal Service intercepted a briefcase intended for delivery to Victor Nikola Esposito (a.k.a Vic Esposito; a.k.a. B!g_F!$h), a known criminal cyber actor. Intelligence obtained from a witting and reliable source indicates that Esposito is likely involved in a plot to launch an imminent global cyber attack aiming to gain access and remote control of banking, power infrastructure, and information systems worldwide. 

Your mission is to complete the following tasks:

All the questions (and all the answers) on this new experience at Escape on Palafox!

It’s a fun and challenging 30 minute game for 1-4 players. Players must work together to solve riddles, find clues and search for answers, all in effort to complete the game within 30 minutes. Want to know more details? We’re not going to tell you! Once you arrive (15 minutes before your game is scheduled to begin), you and your team will be provided a brief orientation, and your mission will begin!
Well, for starters, this is only a 30-minute game, and we limit this experience to a maximum of four people. You and your team will be faced with solving similar puzzles, games and riddles that you might see in an escape game, but the objective in this game is not to “escape the room”, but to save the world from an imminent cyber attack!
We change a flat rate of $48 for this experience and you can bring up to three other people to help you with the challenge.
Between 1 and 4 players.
Well, we don’t make it easy on you! We anticipate the success rate for this game will be approximately 35%. Come see if you and your team have what it takes!